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Our Process

Follow our work process step by step.

  • We establish our first contact with the client: regardless of the type of case, a solid first contact allows us to clearly define your situation and to establish solid communication with you. 
  • We document all information that may be useful: we make sure to collect and organize all the information that supports your claim; including oral and written  testimonials, receipts, bills, and photographic evidence and videos. 
  • We directly contact all parties involved: we take care of communicating with everyone involved with your claim, including witnesses, authorities in charge of processing your situation, and even insurers and their adjusters.
  • We prepare a solid case using all available information: after organizing all the information gathered, we build a case with guaranteed favorable results. If  necessary, we will oversee your case trial process. 

We follow every step of your case until we obtain satisfactory results.