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We offer a complimentary initial consultation to help you  define your situation and the action plan that best suits your claim. 

 Under no circumstances is it advisable to  negotiate with insurers on your own. 

Any document, testimony, or information related to your case is valuable and more than welcome.

You have a statute of limitations of up to two years to file your claim. 

Any damage caused by the negligence of a third party, whether physical, psychological or to your property.

 Your total compensation will depend on the severity of  your injuries, the degree of fault of the defendant, and the evidence in your favor. 

You can receive your compensation in two ways: through a full lump sum payment or in an installment settlement.

Once the release of your funds is signed,  the insurance company will issue your settlement check within five days. 

Texas has a 51% comparative negligence margin. This means you can seek compensation if you are less than 51% at fault for your injuries.