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What types of personal injuries occur most frequently in Texas?

Texas is a state with a wide variety of activities, industries, and hazards that can cause personal injury to people who live in or visit the state. A personal injury is any physical or emotional harm suffered by a person because of another person or entity acting negligently or wrongfully. Personal injuries can seriously affect […]

What is negligence and how does it affect personal injury cases in Texas?

Negligence is a term used in the legal field to describe the lack of care or prudence expected of a reasonable person in a given situation. When someone acts negligently, they put the safety or well-being of other people at risk. For example, if a driver runs a red light and collides with another vehicle, […]

Safety tips to prevent accidents in public spaces in Austin

Public spaces allow people to enjoy nature, leisure, culture, and coexistence. However, they can also be scenarios of risks and accidents that affect the physical integrity, heritage, and tranquility of citizens. Therefore, taking some prevention and protection measures is vital to avoid unwanted situations. In this article, we share some safety tips to prevent accidents […]

Calculating Personal Injury Compensation in Texas

In the state of Texas, personal injury compensation is calculated using the theory of proportional comparative negligence. This means that the amount of compensation awarded to an injured person is determined based on the proportion of fault assigned to each of the parties involved in the accident. General steps for calculating personal injury compensation in […]

Texas Personal Injury Statistics

Personal injuries are those that occur when a person suffers physical or emotional harm due to the act or omission of another person. They can be caused by traffic accidents, work accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, medical negligence, or any other situation in which the duty of care is violated. What are the main […]